“An equivalent or better product for the same price or cheaper” – that is our promise –

Bricks- Innovative Tailor made Design

Innovative Tailor made Design

You brief us about which product or part you are looking for an equivalent alternative

We analyse your request and inform you vis-à-vis the feasibility

We send you a customised quote

After approval we get to work for you

Pins - Blind Margin Loss Analysis

Blind Margin Loss Analysis

Complete the technical file

Research possible optimisations

  • product-technical
  • production-efficiency
  • budgetary

Finalise definitive specifications

paperclip - Better Product Engineering

Better Product Engineering

  • Prototyping
  • First Of Tool (FOT)
  • Tests
  • Improvements

Production preparation

Toothpicks - (Pre) Production Fulfillment

(Pre) Production Fulfillment

  • Start-up of production
  • Supervise pre-production
  • Supervise start-up
  • Mass production
  • Follow-up and quality control of mass production