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Our engineers boast a wealth of solid experience, and all have their own area of expertise. That way, we can compile the right team for any project.

- danny vanden boer, technical manager aip 

Kunststof injectie


We offer a fitting solution for all your plastic parts and products.  We only work with certified materials suitable for the European market. For each project, we consider the development and the most profitable mould design for moulding, 1K and 2K injection moulding, extrusion and more.


The entire product development process is done in house, from design to quality checks, in order to realise the optimum end product for the client.


Welding, bending and milling activities, cast parts, galvanising, assembly and sector-specific materials that meet the demanded requirements and quality. We offer the right quality and knowledge for all your parts and products in a variety of metals.


This product development likewise is done in house, from design to quality checks, in order to deliver the most high-quality end product possible.



Combining various components and products into a fully assembled end product.

For these products, we go beyond the production of a single product. 

Design, engineering, R&D and material improvement. 


Allimex Industrial Products is your partner for the reliable development of a solution for your project. Allimex will also take care of all your applications and projects involving alternative materials, components or end products based on detailed descriptions so as to always meet the set requirements and certification standards.