Allimex Industrial Products offers solutions to improve the profitability of products and processes. This can range from sourcing existing components to the production of a completely new product.

We are your partner for plastic and metal components for industrial products, tailored to your needs.

our specialisations

Allimex Industrial Products is the specialist for tailor-made solutions in plastics and metals. But other material combinations are also possible.

Our product experts have solid experience of various production techniques in a wide range of sectors.


For plastic products, we offer a suitable solution through (injection) moulding or extrusion. For all types of plastic.


Aluminium extrusion or moulding, bending and stamping, lost wax casting, low pressure die casting or liquid forging is possible, depending on the needs and quality requirements.

the right mould, always.

We improve. Renew. Innovate.

From optimisation of an existing product or process, to product development from scratch.

Together with you, we look for the best solution.

Always tailored to your needs. Because every project is unique, and we can do every process from A to Z.

But a project with only parts I and P is also a complete collaboration.

Our strength lies in our creative spirit, combined with experience in numerous fields and our drive to make things better.

Better and from the right mould. Always.



You have an issue with the quality or purchase price of existing products?  We will look for an equivalent or better product at the same or better price. 

Product optimisation

A fresh look can work wonders. We take a close look at product specifications and see what could be improved.

Product development

We can go from a simple idea to the delivery of the final product on your doorstep, from A to Z. Or we support in an existing concept.


Our added value shows in medium to large productions in plastics and metals. We provide support during the entire production process.

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