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the right mould, always.

Allimex is a manufacturing company that offers solutions to improve the profitability of products and processes. We can do this based on an existing product or design, or by creating an entirely new, functional product.  

Completely tailored to your needs, of course, as that is our true strength. 

Working with Allimex means having engineers and material experts to assist you and provide professional, practical recommendations and insights throughout the entire process. 
On occasion, we go beyond that and turn initial briefings into great innovations.  


A fresh point of view can work miracles. Whether you are looking for an alternative to an existing product/component or struggling with a sourcing issue, or want to see whether the profitability of an existing solution could be enhanced... 

We would love to help you find the optimum solution.  

Out of the box or a little more conventional; the trick is sometimes in those little adjustments that you wouldn't expect at first.


  • Solution for an existing product (reverse engineering): You have an issue with the quality or purchase price of existing products.    

  • Product optimisation:You want to improve the technical properties of a product to achieve higher profitability and a better user experience. 

  • Product development: You want to improve the customer experience or develop a new product.

  • Specialisations: You are looking for developments in the field of plastic injection moulding, metalwork, assembled products or specials.

This can range from quality, functionality and sustainability to purchasing conditions, continuity, logistics etc...

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