Outdoor fitness


  • The original clamps weren't robust enough and damaged the vertical posts. 

  • The screw had to be placed through both the clamp and the horizontal post. 

  • The prices charged by other suppliers were too high. 

  • There were no options for personalisation. 

We were looking for robust, protective clamps for a street workout setup. Thanks to Allimex, we found the products we needed, and were even given the option to personalise them.
Oplossing outdoor fitness


The client wanted a clamp with a specific colour, featuring their own logo. Our experienced engineers proposed various new designs. These did not only feature an improved look & feel, but they also came with many improved characteristics. The new clamp was wider and came equipped with protective rubbers to ensure a more robust installation. In addition, we were able to personalise the product using the client's logo.

Resultaat outdoor


The client did not just benefit from reduced costs, but also received an improved and personalised product that gained them more brand awareness.  

✓ No complaints about damaged posts thanks to product optimisation

✓ Peace of mind thanks to the robustness of the installation

✓ Personalised clamps

✓ Lower procurement costs thanks to a direct line of communication with the production department

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