PROJECT air deflector


air deflector


  • The air deflector, a component of ventilation systems that controls air flow, was manually clicked together.

  • During assembly, the customer faced quality issues with the air deflectors.

  • There was a high failure rate due to the brittleness of the material.

  • A design flaw in the springs resulted in friction during the assembly process.

During material testing, it was determined that a re-design of the original mould was necessary. Allimex provided new insights and solutions.
air deflector


It soon became clear that the customer’s material selection of the components did not meet the requirements. Allimex suggested the use of different materials such as ABS and polypropylene plastics.

Besides the change in materials, Allimex also identified design adjust mentneeds that would allow optimisation of the prestress of springs. The optimised mould resulted in a better fit and reduced failure due to damage.

Oplossing hvac


The redesign of the mould and the new choice of material resulted in cost savings on several levels.

✓  Optimisation of tooling for future use

✓  Less waste due to stronger material

✓ Shortened installation time as a result of a better fit and more efficient assembly

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