PROJECT cable clip


cable clip


  • Proper placement of power cables is often overlooked when installing solar panels on the roof.

  • The most common method is to secure the power cables to the mounting rails with cable ties.

  • For insurance companies, this does not count as a guarantee for a fire-safe installation.

  • As the method was far from efficient, a solution had to be found.

Together with Allimex, we looked for, and found, a solution for the mounting of solar panels that fits perfectly with the complete mounting system.
cable clip


Main requirement for this development was speed of installation of the mounting system. In addition, the solution had to be fully compatible with the already existing mounting equipment.

After some in depth analyses and brainstorms, we developed a first concept and prototype of a cable clip. With the applied 3D technology, samples and prototypes are fully functional and can be tested immediately. After some feedback rounds and improvements, the result is an easy to install, fully functional cable clip.

Oplossing hvac


The customer can count on a tool that not only supports the mounting system, but also ensures increased safety over the lifespan of the installation.

✓  Efficient assembly process

✓  Product adapted to the mounting system

✓  Answer to concerns of installers and insurance companies

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