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  • Car window frames frequently became dislodged, resulting in an unacceptable complaint ratio of 24% and immense warranty costs

  • In addition to these quality issues, the required parts were very expensive, and the customer did not receive value for money

  • Thorough analysis showed that the cause was a design flaw in both the original manufacturer parts and the aftermarket parts. 

  • Missing fitting instructions resulted in an inefficient and time-consuming installation process.

We needed a final solution to remedy our growing complaint ratio.
Thanks to Allimex, we found the right solution.
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It soon became clear that 1-on-1 replacement of parts (reverse engineering) would not suffice, despite the price advantage this offered. AIP then initiated a redesign process for the critical components of the car window frames. Starting with a 3D design and moving on to a prototype, we tried to find the optimum alternatives. After extensively testing the functional advantages of the milled samples, we began serial production

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A happy customer, and not just because of the reduction in the cost of replacement parts. The redesign also resulted in a more efficient installation process. 

✓ 50% time saved during the fitting process

✓ 100% fewer complaints with regard to the assembly issue

✓ A more competitive market position

✓ Significant increase in end customer satisfaction

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