repair tool


  • The client uses a special resin for repairing damaged glass. This resin is injected using a special injector nozzle (Advanced Repair Technology).

  • This process suffered from a lot of issues with the nozzle used to inject the resin, as well as high replacement costs.

  • The client needed a cost-efficient solution for this repair tool.

  • A reverse-engineering approach was impossible due to it being a patented component.

Thanks to Allimex, our desire to replace an expensive component not only yielded a cost reduction, but also resulted in a more efficient assembly process and the improved implementation of our ‘Advanced Repair Technology’.
Oplossing repair tool


Allimex performed a sound analysis of the existing design of the repair tool and found a solution to replace the separate component. Thanks to a redesign, this could be fully integrated as a fixed component. The valve that is placed on top of the damaged area of the windshield was adjusted to allow the repair fluid to be injected directly. This way, the number of issues with the repair tool was significantly reduced.

Oplossing repair tool


A happy customer, and not just because of the reduction in the cost of replacement parts. The redesign also resulted in a more efficient assembly process. 

✓ No patent claim

✓ Development of a new, patented design

✓ Reduction of the assembly time for the repair tool

✓ Reduction of the repair time for glass damage

✓ Improved competitive position

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